Digital Storytelling CEP900




TECHNOLOGY: Web clips edited together with narration using Camtasia

CEP 900 RDP Video Project from BrianJ Arnold on Vimeo.

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The experience of creating this video was quite liberating. There is a part of me that has viewed the process of finding a research interest and writing about it necessarily formal, somber and (I must admit) flat. Creating this video put me back in touch with the passion I have for this subject and the many elements which feed it. My normally dour work face found itself breaking into smiles and nods of affirmative and I organized my ideas, media clips and values. Am starting to regret the word choice of fetishistic.



I am just old enough to see the ability to grab a video clip of nearly anything I can think of off the internet in just a few minutes as pure magic. The elegance and affordance of the tools that exist today make many aspect of production nearly seamless, where once they were epic labors. I think that if this project had been a written report instead of a video, if I had been unable to feel like I was “showing” my idea that very little of my personal passion would have made it to the page.